Tape with seeds

Batch with seeds

Are you looking for a gift for a perfectionist? We have something perfect. Tape with sunken herb or vegetable seeds will be a perfect gift. Imagine the joy of a perfectionist whose garden plants grow at perfect intervals. Clever, isn’t it?

But the chaos masters will love this gadget as well. Maybe you’d like to gift someone who loves nature and plants, but sowing and planting plants is a challenge that can’t be overcome for its chaotic nature. And in this case, the tape with sunken seeds will be a godsend.

But there’s also another possibility. Perhaps you need a gift for a person who dreams about the garden, but is in eternal inevitability. Long sowing isn’t for them, measuring beds and planting plants. So they roll out the tape, cover it with soil, water it and … that’s it! The garden is set up and growing.

As you can see, the tape with sunken herbs or vegetables seeds is an eco-friendly gadget that will be perfect for everyone. For an experienced but overworked gardener and garden dilettante who, however, loves nature.

Even if you don’t  quite know the nature of the recipient (because it’s a contractor, for example), you can be sure that this eco gift will be suitable. Prepared in accordance with your guidelines, it will certainly be remembered for a long time – not shorter than one season.



The tape with seeds is an absolute novelty and a hit of this season. It will surprise anyone who receives this unique eco gadget. Personalized and prepared in accordance with specific guidelines, will make it an unique and one of a kind gift.

Forms of login:

  • any graphics in the form of a sticker or label on the blister.

Elements of the set:

  • tape with sunken herb or vegetable seeds (to choose from : mint, lemon balm, cress, oregano, basil, forget-me-not, evening stock, hot pepper and many more…).
  • transparent blister with a label,