Promotional set attracting butterflies

Batch with seeds


If you dream of a garden, where you can marvel at colorful butterflies, you must first take care of the plants that lure those beautiful insects due to their scent. Thanks to our kit, it will be extremely simple. Do you want to try it out?



Butterflies are lured by the flowers with bright colors and strongly fragrant flowers. Therefore, in our promotional attracting butterflies set is included a mix of plants, consisting of purple coneflower, lavender, thyme and summer lilac. Particularly the last one is an exceptionally effective lure of butterflies. Thanks to its delicate fragrance, it attracts a whole host of colorful insects, hence, not without reason, it’s called a butterfly bush.

Beautiful, colorful butterflies look almost like flowers floating in the air. They aren’t just beautiful, but also very useful, because like bees or wasps, they  pollinate plants.



The kit contains everything you need to grow beautiful, colorful and fragrant flowers attracting butterflies. Our set is suitable not only for garden owners and nature fans. It  will ideally work out as a business gift. Thanks to our eco-friendly gadget, your company will go up a lot in the estimation of the contractors. Care for the environment is one of the basic elements of creating corporate social responsibility (CSR), and our eco gadgets fit in perfectly with this strategy.

We invite everyone who values ​​not only the beautiful fragrance of flowers, but also those who care about the nature.



What’s in our set? In an inconspicuous tin, we’ve closed something more than soil with seeds. This is a mysterious garden that will blossom with a riot of colors and smells.

Forms of login:

  • individual full color graphics in the form of a sticker on a can
  • individual full color graphics in the form of a sticker on the top of the can

Elements of the set:

  • metal can with individual full color graphics in the form of stickers
  • butterfly-attracting seeds
  • soil
  • instruction


Did you know that there’re around 170,000 butterfly species around the world? And in Poland indeed we have 3156 species.