Seed bomb in a cellophane bag

Batch with seeds

Seed bomb made of paper pulp contains sunken seeds. It’s a great, eco-friendly gadget that grows. The bomb placed in the ground and systematically nurtured will turn into a beautiful flower. If you don’t have any idea about the gift for wedding guests, and you dream about something unique, then we have the perfect solution. Seed bombs will show everyone how your love grows. Or maybe you are looking for a gift for babyshower or birthday party for a child? In such case, as well, work out perfectly the seeds bombs, which packed in additional beautiful boxes with a dedication, will be a great souvenir, growing as a child.
Do you love nature just like us? The seed bomb has been made just for you! Both of them: the one carefully nurtured at home, as well as the one abandoned in a neglected part of the city, will turn into wonderful flowers. It’s not only a great form of home decoration, but also an excellent way to  green the hard-to-reach places in the city. Thanks to the seed bombs, you’ll encourage the youngest to interact with nature in a simple and pleasant way.



Any seeds are embedded in the paper pulp. To make this humble bomb explode with a brilliance of colors and smells, just put it in the ground and water it.



This is a proposal for everyone. For young couples looking for original gifts. For people who want to inspire the youngest. For eco-gadget fans. Nevertheless, we especially encourage to cooperate the companies and institutions, which take responsibility for caring for the environment, and ecological actions are part of their CSR programmes. Individual and personalized eco-gadgets created by us, will be able to inspire your contractors and employees. The scope of available colors and shapes will make everyone find something for themselves.



A seed bomb placed in a cellophane bag with a label.

Seed bombs are available:

  • in the following shapes – butterfly, chicken, hare, rabbit, star, heart, flower, tulip, ball, pig, bee, frog
  • in the following colors – yellow, orange, red, white, green, blue, purple, pink, gray, black, brown, navy blue, maroon, turquoise, blue, beige, aquamarine,
  • with the following seeds – velvet, asters, begonias, pansies, celosia, cornflowers, bellflower, phlox, violet, gazania, carnation, sweet pea, echinacea, catnip, lobelia, lapwing, mallow, nasturtium, impatiens, forget-me-not, cosmos, common columbine, delphinium, calabash, impatiens, sunflower, daisy, petunia, sage, pulsatilla, alyssum (if the list doesn’t contain seeds that you would like to, please send an inquiry).

Forms of login:

  • a label with logo and individual graphics


Elements of the kit:

  • seed bomb with selected seeds
  • cellophane bag with a label
  • a ticket with logo
  • instruction