Promotional cress

Batch with seeds

If you want to feel the spring, put the water on your cress! It’s not only decorative and charming, but also very tasty and healthy. Cress is a real vitamin bomb, which is most often remembered around Easter. However, nothing prevents you from growing it more often. For sure it will be a benefit for your health.



Cress is easy to grow at home. Cress seeds should be placed in a vessel and poured with water. Then you have to wait until they become sticky. Then put the soaked seeds into another container lined with cellucotton or cotton wool. Remember to sprinkle the seeds evenly on the whole area. The container should be in a warm and sunny place, preferably on a window sill. Thanks to systematic watering, after a few days you’ll be able to enjoy your own cress. Delicious, healthy and organic.



Thanks to its characteristic taste, the cress is a great ingredient to many dishes – salads and sandwiches. It also perfectly blends with soups and pastes. Cress is rich in vitamin C, so its consumption is recommended to smokers. It should also be found in the diet of pregnant women. Its beneficial effects also greatly affect the skin and hair. Systematically consumed cress strengthens the hair and prevents it from falling out. People who care about their figure should also often reach for it, because it supports slimming.



Growing cress has never been so easy. The cress seeds are sealed in a cellophane bag with a label. Its shape can be completely free, just like the printed content.

Elements of the kit:

  • cress seeds,
  • cellophane bag with a label.

Forms of login:

  • a label with individual full color graphics.