Poscard with seed sachet

Batch with seeds

Do you remember how much joy brought you postcards? Today, they’ve been effectively replaced by text messages and e-mails, which, however, seem to be quite soulless. Or maybe at the earliest opportunity, you’ll return to the nice tradition of sending postcards? Do it in a modern, ecological style. We have postcards with sachets of seeds for you.

You’ll send wishes or greetings with seeds, from which, with a little sunshine, you’ll have beautiful fragrant flowers, organic vegetables or aromatic herbs. Think how much joy your postcard can bring.




Absolutely for anyone, who you want to greet or whom you want to send a message to. You can send your postcard with seeds on the name day or a birthday of a loved one. Or maybe you have a long-lost friend whom you have longed for? Of course, the whole family will be happy with Christmas wishes. If, however, you have a great message to pass, then there’s no better way than a postcard – you may want to show off the birth of a child, maybe you need an unconventional invitation to a wedding or other ceremony. There’re so many possibilities. We’re sure that such a personalized post card with seeds will give joy not only to die-hard gardeners, but also to all those who love nature, floral decorations and ecological gadgets.

Apart from warm words you’ll send a sachet with seeds, which can wonderfully emphasize the content of the card. Do you wanna send a Valentine? The seeds of hot pepper will emphasize the power of your declaration and will heat the temperature. Do you miss someone? A grateful forget-me-not will be a great symbol. Are you sending greetings to a person who loves to cook? Undoubtedly, they will be happy to grow organic vegetables or herbs. And if you invite guests to an important event, the colorful flowers will emphasize the unique character of this circumstance. For example, let wedding guests in growing plants see how your love grows.

But think also that probably at least once a year you send postcards to your contractors. Surprise them with original postcards with seed pods. These ecological gifts will undoubtedly make you stand out and let you be remembered.




A post card with a sachete of herbs or vegetable seeds is an eco gift that will make you stand out. We’ll prepare cards with any graphics, and we’ll pack seeds selected by you into sachets. You can also order envelopes for this personalized gift. There’s nothing else left but to buy the right amount of stamps and wait for thanks from the recipients.

Forms of login:

  • any graphics on a postcard

Elements of the set:

  • postcard,
  • sachet with seeds (to choose from : mint, lemon balm, cress, oregano, basil, forget-me-not, evening stock, hot pepper and many more…). .
  • optional envelope,