Stationer with sachet of herbs

Batch with seeds


Stationery is by far the most popular advertising gadgets. But there’s no wonder – there’re never too many pens or pencils. But what should you do to make your gadget memorable and stand out from others?

Approach the case ecologically! Stationery with a sachet of herbs is a ready solution. We’ll prepare pens or pencils for you with your logo, and on each of them, we’ll put a sachets with seeds in the form of a flag. After receiving such an eco gadget, the recipient will be able to use the stationery as intended. However, the sown seeds will soon rise and become the decoration of the surroundings. Note that if you decide to put herbs in a flag, the recipient will soon have their own, ecological spices to their dishes. Clever, isn’t it?



You choose the stationery you need. You choose seeds that you want to put in a flag. We prepare the sets with your logo. And that’s it! You have a ready, eco-friendly advertising gadget.

You can distribute it to your contractors. You can use it by the picnic or promotional campaign. You can attach it as a gift to your product. There’re so many possibilities, that only your imagination can impose you some limitations.

The recipient comes back home with such an eco gift; the pen or pencil serves them as intended, for example, to write down the recipes with herbs in the lead role. Whereas the seeds will soon turn into plants, that will be a decoration of  the kitchen and an aromatic addition to dishes and beverages.

We are convinced that the herbs perfect for grilled dishes will be a summer hit. Alternatively, a fresh lemonade with mint is a brilliant way against heat, so it will also be perfect for those sachets.




Stationery with a sachet of herbs is a perfect advertising gadget. It’s is useful in every inch – a pen or a pencil can make notes, and the herbs can be used in the kitchen.

Forms of login:

  • logo on the pencil or pen; a print or stickerwith full color

Elements of the set:

  • pen or pencil,
  • sachet with seeds (to choose from: mint, lemon balm, cress, oregano, basil, forget-me-not, evening stock, hot pepper and many more…).