Promotional ornamental pepper

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Ornamental pepper is a spicy gift, that you can give to a loved one, for example for Valentine’s Day. Or it may be an interesting ornament associated with hot food, fire and love. But it’s also a plant that will work well as a non-committal and original eco-friendly gift. This exotic plant can become an interesting decoration of any kitchen, but you can also replace the typical home plants with it, for example in the living room or bedroom. Nevertheless, you can also use it in the office space, which it will certainly spice up and make less banal. Due to its broad spectrum of available colors it will match and warms with its spicy character more than one interior. Go crazy and don’t be afraid of taking the risk. Eco gifts support the creative attitude to space.


Decorative pepper blooms and fruits even for several months. If you want it to please your eyes for a long time, you need to take care of it properly. The plant should be placed in a bright, sunny and airy place. It loves the sun, so it’s very important to place it every day in a place with quite intense sunlight. In winter, the temperature should not be lower than 14°C or higher than 20°C. In the summer it can be grown outside. The plant should be watered systematically – the soil should be constantly moist, but not wet.



Prepared by us pepper in a pot, wrapped in a natural jute and tied up with a twine will undoubtedly impress any amateur of good cuisine and ecological gifts. To this kit you can add a label with any graphics. All is packed in a corrugated cardboard box, on which an engraver can be made. The packaging emphasizes the natural character of the gift and shows its beauty.



Forms of login:

  • a ticket or a stick in individual shape with full color graphics
  • a corrugated cardboard box with an optional engraving

Elements of the kit:

  • plant in a pot wrapped in jute and tied with a twine or pot coat with logo printed directly on
  • the pot or sticker with full color graphics
  • a ticket or a stick with a logo with individual full color graphics
  • gift box
  • instruction