Promotional Kalanchoe

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Kalanchoe sounds exotic, but it’s quite a popular pot plant. It has very decorative flowers  in many colors. Thanks to this, you can easily adapt the plant to your needs. It blooms in winter, so it will decorate and cheer even the drabbest window sill.

Because it isn’t demanding, it’s an ideal gift, no matter if we want to give it to a grandmother for her Day, or we’re looking for an eco-friendly gift for the contractor. In both cases it will work great. The recipient will undoubtedly appreciate such an original gift. Especially that we can prepare for you a plant enclosed in a transparent box with a ribbon. You can put any writing on the label – wishes, greetings or anything else. Hardly anyone will resist the charm of such a personalized gadget.



In winter, the plant should be placed on the southern window sill, because it needs a lot of light. In summer, on the other hand, it should be protected against the direct exposure to sunlight.

The optimum temperature for Kalanchoe in summer is 26-27 degrees. In winter placed away from radiators it gets on well with the temperatures of 12-16 degrees.

Like other succulents, this plant is undemanding and easy to grow. Almost everyone can handle it. Thanks to small requirements, the flowers can enjoy their owner for a long time.



That nice, easy to grow plant has very decorative flowers. Thanks to the fact that it’s available in many colors, it’s very easy to adapt it to your needs, for example the color of flowers can be chosen for the logo that should be branded. Such an eco gadget will undoubtedly be remembered for a long time.



Forms of login:

  • packaging with logo in the form of a print or sticker
  • ribbon with logo
  • pot with a logo printed directly on the pot or sticker with full color graphics
  • stick with individual full color graphics

Elements of the set:

  • plant in a pot
  • transparent packaging
  • ribbon
  • instruction