Promotional Ficus in cellophane

Trees and flowers

Ficus bonsai is an interesting form of advertising prepared especially for demanding customers. There are no two identical plants, so you can be sure that the chosen ficus bonsai is unique. And what if you start modeling it like a real bonsai?! Ficus is an  extremely decorative plant, and at the same time less demanding than a bonsai tree. This eco gift will delight not only lovers of Far East art but all lovers of greenery.
This remarkable Ficus has only been gaining popularity, although we have no doubt that in the near future it will become a celebrity among plants. That’s why you can just now surprise everyone using it as a promotional gadget. Today, when the environmental protection is a kind of fashion, such an ecological gift will undoubtedly work in favor of your business image.



If you’d like the ficus to please your eyes for a long time, you must provide it with a bright, protected from direct sunlight stand, and room temperature. In summer, the plant can be set outside, on the balcony or terrace. However, just before the cold weather comes, you must take it home because it doesn’t put up with cold. The plant should be systematically but moderately watered because it doesn’t tolerates too
dry and too wet ground.



Your Ficus bonsai will be beautifully presented in a pot wrapped in cellophane and tied up with a twine or a ribbon with logo. You can also add a ticket in any shape with any full color graphics. An advertising gadget prepared in such a way will be a great gift for contractors or an element of office decor. In the Premium option, the plant can be enclosed in an elegant corrugated cardboard box, which will be an additional login surface.



Forms of login:

  • flower pot with logo
  • ticket or stick in individual shape with full color graphics
  • optional corrugated cardboard box

Elements of the kit:

  • a plant in a pot
  • a ticket with a logo
  • cellophane foil
  • twine or ribbon
  • instruction
  • optionally the corrugated cardboard box

On your request, there is a possibility of individual packing or multipack.