Grape hyacinth in a box

Trees and flowers


If you, just like us, cannot imagine the spring without beautifully colored gardens; if you dream of a lovely fragrance in every corner of your house; or your own crop gives you satisfaction, you must have our grape hyacinth in a box. These flowers seduce many of us with their appearance and smell.

Grape hyacinths in a wooden box are flowers, without which it’s difficult to imagine the spring. Without them there are no spring bouquets or window sills.




Grape hyacinths will surely please all gardening enthusiasts, all those who love spring and spring flower arrangements. You can buy them for yourself and create an unique atmosphere on your window sill, you can give them to your mother or grandfather if they’re avid gardeners.

Our grape hyacinths are packed in an unique way that gives you the possibility of any personalization. You take advantage of that and use our spring plant as an unique and ecological gadget for your contractors. Or maybe you’ll give them to your employees who will grow beautiful plants with a bit of good will, and your office will become the touch of spring? Think of a wonderful fragrance that can float in your workplace.

Grape hyacinths aren’t demanding plants. They only need regular watering. And even the biggest garden dilettants will cope with this.

If you’d like to have a piece of spring, but it’s hard for you to decide, in our offer you’ll find beautiful, prepared compositions of Easter plants – hyacinths, crocuses, daffodils and grape hyacinths. We prepared them especially for those who haven’t managed to plant their own bulbs in autumn. Check it out and you’ll definitely find something for yourself. Thanks to the personalized packaging, the spring flowers will be an unique gift. Now everything is in your hands and in your head.



Our grape hyacinths are placed in a wooden case. Thanks to the ticket on the stick, on which we can print any graphics, the plant can really stand out. If the whole is packed in a cardboard box, which we can also provide with a logotype, then you’ll receive an ideal gift. The set will make it a remarkable decoration for a desk or an unique, ecological gift.


Forms of login:

  • individual graphicson a ticket,
  • full color graphics on the cardboard packaging.

Elements of the set:

  • grape hyacinths in a wooden box,
  • a ticket with anygraphics,
  • cardboard packaging,
  • stick stuck in the ground,
  • instruction.