Promotional boxwood tree

Easter / Trees and flowers

Boxwood tree is most often associated with hedges or decorations in the garden. However, recently it’s been making a sensation as a decorative plant; especially in hotels and restaurants you can see the boxwood in various shapes. It’s a very graceful plant and can be handled not only by skilled gardeners. It is easy to grow, and what’s more, it’s also green all year round. Therefore, there’s no reason to limit yourself and grow it only outside. The plant is perfect for home or… office use. The boxwood tree in a pot could be an eco gift for everyone.

We remind us about this green plant around Easter, and we use its twigs to garnish our baskets with food, Easter palms or occasional reeds. That’s why a beautifully packed  boxwood in a wooden box is great Easter gift for your customers or partners.



Boxwood tree placed in a corrugated cardboard box or a wooden box will be without doubt a very elegant gift. A flower pot wrapped in natural jute and a wooden stick or tag in any shape, bring out the ecological character of the gift. An engraved logo may also appear on the box.

In the Premium option, we offer two-compartment boxes. Next to the boxwood, in the second compartment, we can put a sweet gift, tea, scented candles or just leave it empty for your ideas. Such a gift will certainly bring a smile on many faces.



Forms of login:

  • wooden box with engraving
  • tag in any shape with a logo
  • stick with logo
  • ribbon with logo (for binding the pot)

Elements of the set:

  • boxwood (height about 15-20 cm)
  • flower pot wrapped in natural jute and tied with a ribbon
  • wooden box with engraved logo
  • stick or tag in any shape
  • instruction