Cress-growing set


Easter is a special time. We wait for them, we prepare ourselves for them. To emphasize this special period of the year, it’s worth to prepare appropriate gifts. Larger or smaller gifts from Easter Bunny will be a pleasant part during family gatherings, no doubt that children will be happy, but not only them! Easter gifts are also useful in more formal situations. Thanks to them you can show how important your employees or contractors are. It’s an investment in your relationships, but also just a nice gesture.

Easter gifts seem boring to you? Are there always a chocolate bunny figurine or egg shaped chocolates, a mug with a logo or a pen? Remember, it doesn’t have to be that way. Everything is a matter of creativity. The gifts from Easter Bunny can be really interesting, ecological and they can enjoy the recipient. An unconventional gift will surely draw their attention and make you be positively remembered.

The cress-growing set can be a gift for children during various advertising campaigns, it will work as a gadget for employees or customers or a part of a larger gift for contractors. This eco-gift gives you a lot of possibilities.


Cress is a plant particularly connencted to Easter and spring. It can be an Easter table decoration, and in addition it’s delicious and very healthy. The cress-growing set is a small gift that can be freely personalized thanks to the label. This is an original gadget, perfect for the upcoming Easter. In addition, in the era of growing social awareness and environmental concern, it’s worth betting on eco-gifts.


If you are looking for an original idea for an eco-friendly gift for your contractors, then the cress-growing set will be a hit. Such a gift will remain in the memory of the recipient for a long time.

Forms of login:

– wrapper with any full color graphics (CMYK) on the one side (and the instruction on the other side ),
– logo on the pot in the form of an imprint (1 color) or a sticker with full color graphics.

Elements of the set:

– substrate,
– cress seeds,

– wrapper with individual graphics,
– flower pot – to choose from 12 colors, height 80 mm, diameter in the wider part 60 mm, in a narrower part about 42 mm.