Tomato growing set


Do you dream of your own garden, but you don’t have a garden to make this dream come true? We come to help you. Our tomato growing set is miniature and will allow you to enjoy the substitute of garden, even if you have only a low-key window sill.

Nowadays, there’re  many things that we cannot influence. Fortunately, we can decide what we eat and where the products are from. And you know that nothing tastes as good as your own tomatoes, grown from seeds.

You don’t need to have much space or special skills to enjoy your own cultivation. A set for tomato growing only needs to be regularly watered. Simple, right?



You get it yourself and enjoy your own vegetables. If you prepare delicious dishes with fragrant and delicious tomatoes in the lead role, your family and friends will love you. It’s not known from today, that the shortest way to heart is through the stomach.

The tomato growing set will please all gardening fans, who, however, cannot afford their own garden; or cooking enthusiasts, who above all value fresh products from a reliable source. So give it to your parents or grandparents on their holiday. Or maybe just without a reason? Such a gift will be the proof that you care about their health.

Our set will be great as an advertising gadget. Do you have a doubt? A flowerpot with a logo and a binding with any graphics will allow you to associate this ecological gift with you. Thus, whom will you give it to?



The tomato growing set is complete and contains all the elements necessary to enjoy your own organic vegetables without artificial fertilizers.

Forms of login:

  • one color logo on the pot or full color sticker,
  • binding with individual full color graphics.

Elements of the set:

  • flower pot with substrate,
  • tomato seeds,
  • a label with individual graphics,
  • instruction.