Hot pepper growing set


A set for growing hot peppers works perfectly as a gift. In a beautiful package and with a personalized label, it will make your heart beat. There’re so many possibilities! Peppers in a tin can be an addition to a larger gift; a small gift given without opportunity, a nice gesture to a loved one. Thanks to them you will say: “thank you”, “I’m sorry”, “I love you” or … “cook me something, please”.


You can treat hot pepper in a can as an ecological gift for the person you love. Don’t you think that the set for growing hot peppers is suitable only for Valentine’s Day. Think about how else you could use it. For example, bring it to a summer party or barbecue by your friends, and the hosts will certainly be surprised by the inventive gift. No doubt you’ll be able to count on a new invitation when the peppers will bear fruit. Then you’ll together try the dishes prepared from it.
Getting ready for the summer promotional campaign, consider also the hot pepper growing set as a gadget. Thanks to the metal can, the set prepared by us will perfectly put up with any journey. You don’t have to fear that something will be destroyed before it reaches the recipient’s home. We guarantee that it won’t be another, useless gadget, like those meshed around the house.



The hot pepper growing set is complete and contains all the elements necessary to enjoy your own, organically grown vegetables without artificial fertilizers.

Forms of login:
• logo on a can in the form of a full color sticker,
• laminated packaging with an engraved logo,
• a ticket with individual graphics.

Elements of the set:
• metal can,
• sachet with hot pepper seeds,
• substrate,
• laminated packaging with attached ticket,
• instruction.