Mint kit in ecological package



Hot? Feel the taste of freshness with our mint kit. The package contains everything necessary for growing own mint. The whole set is completed by a jar with a straw, in which you can prepare delicious, refreshing lemonade and  its phenomenal scent will relax you after a tiring day.

For all who need a breath of freshness in gadgets, our mint proposal is a hit! It’s a gift that you can give not only to your relatives, but also to your contractors. And in both cases it works great. It will perform a not only a decorative, but also an useful function. And with proper care, it will serve for a long time.



What you can use mint for? Usually we associate it with mint tea or a refreshing addition to drinks or lemonade. During hot weather, it is difficult to find a drink that quenches your thirst better. But mint is indeed also a great complement to other dishes. Fresh leaves blend well with various salads or curd, and when dry they’ll give an unique aroma to many meat dishes or fish.

But there’s more! If you’ve overdone heavy food, it’s mint that will come to your rescue. For many years it’s been using as a remedy for digestive system problems. This inconspicuous plant has calming effect on upset stomach.

Mint can also be chewed like a gum to refresh our breath and cleanse the mouth. A relaxing bath with the addition of mint infusion in turn, will ease fatigue and stress after a hard day. One plant and so many uses!

Mint is an undemanding  in cultivation plant, it can be grown throughout the year in a pot at home or in summer in the garden or on a balcony.


Did you know that the Japanese during hot weather often carry crumpled balls of mint just for its refreshing scent??



The set consists of a box in which you’ll find everything necessary for growing mint. In addition, we thought that you’d also need a decorative jar with a straw. Are you willing to be persuaded to try lemonade made out of your own mint?

Forms of login:

  • box with any graphics on the label
  • jar with any logo

Elements of the set:

  • box with individual label
  • pot
  • soil
  • mint seeds
  • jar with straw