Mini garden



The set contains everything needed to grow own, tasty vegetables, fruits, herbs or beautifully fragrant flowers. Follow the instruction that came with the package and enjoy your mini garden!



Our inconspicuous pouch has an original interior, thanks to which you can conjure up delicious herbs or beautifully fragrant flowers, which will be the best decoration of your surroundings.

Just think how nice it’ll be to watch, when in the kitchen greens a mini plantation of herbs ideal for preparing unusual dishes, which will surprise the householders and guests! Remember that sometimes just one ingredient determines the final result of the whole dish.

In summer it’ll work ideally as a barbecue gadget or a summer gadget. You can decide what mix of herbs is your favorite for grilled dishes, whereas a pouch with mint will be a sensational addition to drinks during the hot days. Basil, oregano or thyme, on the other hand, will be a great flavor composition for many dishes prepared not only for garden parties. Catmint seeds will allow peaceful feasting without the company of intrusive mosquitoes.

Our mini garden has many uses. Especially that you can freely compose it and adapt it to your needs. You can use it as a gift. It’ll be a great proposition for a gift for those who appreciate healthy food, as well as for companies looking for an idea of ecological gadgets.



The set for cultivating a mini garden consists of an ecological packaging in which you’ll find everything necessary to create your own small crop.

Forms of login:

  • packaging with any full color graphics on the label
  • the option of logging on the flowerpot

Elements of the set:

  • packaging with a label
  • pot
  • soil
  • seeds:
    • available vegetables: cocktail tomato, cucumber, pumpkin, peas, carrot, beans, dill, paprika, parsley, radish, lettuce
    • available flowers: velvet, asters, begonias, pansies, celosia, cornflowers, carnation, phlox, violet, gazania, carnation, fragrant peas, echinacea, helichrysum, catnip, lobelia, lapwing, mallow, nasturtium, impatiens, forget-me-not, spotted eagle, lark, gourd, sunflower, daisy, petunia, sage, pasque flower
    • available herbs: basil, lemon balm, mint, dill, lavender, marjoram, rosemary
  • instruction