Carrot growing set

Summer is coming, and with it the time when the vegetables grow. How many times have you wanted a beautiful, orange carrot, but you gave it up because you weren’t sure if it came from organic farming? From now on this problem will not affect you anymore, even if you don’t have your own garden. The carrot growing set ensures that the grown vegetables are 100% organic.

Thanks to our set you’ll be able to enjoy your own carrot. It will grow on your windowsill if you only water it regularly. It’s really nothing difficult.



There is no exaggeration in the statement, that it’s a gift for everyone. The carrot cultivation set is the most ecological gift, that you can imagine.

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves to cook, the organic carrots from your own cultivation will be a hit. Nothing tastes as good as fresh, crunchy vegetables without artificial additions.

Or maybe you want to gift an enthusiast – allotmenteer? If they’re allotmenteers unfulfilled due to the lack of a garden or if they aren’t strong enough to face the hardships of their own cultivation, our mini set will provide them with a substitute of the vegetable garden on their own window sill.

A carrot growing set can be a genius choice if you’re looking for a special gift for your child. Think about how much joy was bringing you the ordinary watercress sown before Easter. And now imagine, how much emotion would arouse the child’s set for carrot growing. A real carrot! It can be an interesting educational experience. Not only that the child can observe the growth of the plant, with a dose of patience, they will be responsible for it, they will learn how to be systematic when watering. Finally, they will eat a vegetable full of vitamins and free from artificial fertilizers.

The set is a fantastic gift for a child. You can give it to them for a birthday – let this eco-friendly gadget grow with them. You can use it as a gift for kids in kindergarten or school. You can also distribute them as an advertising gadget at a picnic, integration event or by some promotional campaigns. It all depends on your creativity and we’ll prepare perfect sets for you.



The tomato cultivation set is complete and contains all the elements necessary to enjoy your own, eco-friendly vegetables without artificial fertilizers.

Forms of login:

  • one color logo on the pot or full color sticker,
  • binding with individual full color graphics.

Elements of the set:

  • flower pot with substrate,
  • carrot seeds,
  • a label with individual graphics,