Set with Christmas Eve mix


Christmas is a special time that we want to spend with our loved ones. We celebrate it by dressing ourselves, decorating our homes, preparing special dishes and dressing a Christmas tree. But we also share the magic of Christmas with people who are somehow important to us. We give the Christmas gifts to our coworkers and contractors.

Because perfect holidays require a little effort and commitment, so you probably have a lot on your mind. That’s why we’ve decided to make things easier. We’ve prepared special Christmas gift sets. On the one hand, they will be a very nice gesture, proving that you think about your co-workers. And on the other hand, they won’t confuse anyone due to their personal content. Moreover they’re natural, organic, delicious and have a holiday’s fragrance!

Do you wanna know, what’s inside? The set consists of a small cypress tree, which may be a substitute for a Christmas tree. Its great advantage is that it isn’t a demanding plant. It can be placed in the office, at home or outside – in the garden or on the terrace.  To emphasize the ecological character of the gift, the tree is wrapped with a natural jute and tied with a beautiful ribbon. In addition, there’s a Christmas Eve mix, packed in Christmas box. Can you imagine Christmas Eve without a compote from dried fruits? Neither do we! That’s why we’ve packed a bag of aromatic fruits into our set. Just pour them with water and the compote is ready. Check it out yourself!

This sensational, Christmas eco-gift will make the recipient feel special. We have no doubts about it.


Forms of login:

  • logo engraved on the box,
  • ribbon,
  • ticket with any graphics,
  • label with full color graphics on the box with Christmas Eve mix.

Elements of the set:

  • a laminated box with an engraved logo,
  • cypress (height about 25-30 cm) in a pot wrapped in jute,
  • one-colored ribbon or ribbon with logo (ribbon with logo from 200 sets),
  • ticket with logo,
  • Christmas Eve mix 250g (dried apples, pears, plums) – packed in a cardboard box with individual full color graphics.