Promotional Christmas tree in a pot



Christmas is a magical time. Its uniqueness is associated for example with the tradition passed down through generations. And one of such traditions is the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is first and foremost the most important and central element of the Christmas arrangement and it gives pleasure not only to the youngest. In every corner of the world, people decorate the Christmas tree, because Christmas without it are lackluster. Christmas tree is a symbol of a new, resurgent life. We also carry this tradition, that’s why we propose a little live Christmas tree in a pot that will work great as a decoration on a desk or window sill. Our plant doesn’t require much care. The most important care treatment is the systematic watering of the tree. The Christmas trees we propose are small, and their additional advantage is that in the spring they can be planted in the garden or put on a balcony or terrace.



Our Christmas trees are undoubtedly ideal ecological gifts. They’re a solution if you’re looking for a unique Christmas gift for contractors, and you’ve got bored with typical and repeated gadgets. But Christmas tree can also be used as decoration and ornament in restaurants, wedding halls and hotels. No doubt it will find many uses. On request, we can decorate the Christmas trees with ribbons with logo, decorative tags or advertising baubles. This is not the end of our clever solutions! In the Premium option, we offer two-compartment boxes. Next to the Christmas tree, in the second compartment, we can put a sweet gift, warming tea, scented candles or just leave it empty for your ideas. Such a gift will certainly bring a smile on many faces. And that’s what’s going on in Christmas.



This is an idea for everyone looking for an unconventional and ecological gift. Nevertheless, we especially recommend our Christmas trees to institutions, advertising agencies and companies, which take the responsibility of taking care of the environment and the ecological actions are the part of their CSR program. Created by us individual eco gadgets will be able to inspire your contractors and employees.



Live Christmas tree placed a in a plastic pot with a logo or pot wrapped in jute can become even more festive thanks to its individual decorations (baubles, ribbons or other ornaments).



Forms of login:

  • print or sticker on the pot
  • felted baubles with logo
  • ribbons with logo
  • wooden tags with logo
  • stick with logo

Elements of the kit:

  • Christmas tree
  • pot
  • ornaments
  • instruction
  • optionally two-compartment box