Christmas tree with template


Christmas is a magical time. Their uniqueness is associated for example with the tradition passed down through generations. And one of such traditions is the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is first and foremost the most important and central element of the Christmas arrangement and it gives pleasure not only to the youngest. In every corner of the world, people decorate the Christmas tree, because Christmas without it are lackluster. Christmas tree is a symbol of a new, resurgent life. But what if there’s no place for a real tree? Or if your pets don’t let you have a Christmas tree? Or maybe you just need a different decoration, connected with Christmas tree? Nothing easier! We offer you a small Christmas tree for your own cultivation. Thanks to our set, on your window sill or desk will grow the grass, which will grow in a shape of Christmas tree. Clever, right? And very ecological! A carefully prepared kit will undoubtedly be an original gift that will surprise many of the recipients.



Small “Christmas tree” for your own cultivation is a kit enclosed in a metal can, containing all the necessary elements. There’s nothing difficult in it. In a metal can, spread the soil evenly. Then place the template on it and sow the grass seeds in an empty place. Place in a sunny place and systematically water. After a few days you can enjoy your own green “Christmas tree”. Nothing difficult, right?



Forms of login:

  • individual graphics on a can
  • template with any full color graphics


Elements of the kit:

  • metal can with individual graphics
  • template
  • grass seeds
  • wooden stick to the soil
  • soil
  • instruction